Challenges and obstacles for the first digital repository for tourism studies in Greece


  • Aristeidis Gkoumas Senior Lecturer, Burapha University International College, International Hospitality and Tourism Management Program, 169 Longhard-Bangsaen Rd, Chonburi 20131, Thailand, Tel.:+66 0649742120; e-mail:


Digital repository, tourism research, tourism development, Greece, open access content, copyrighting


This paper evaluates the visibility, utility, and operability of the first Digital Repository for Tourism Studies in Greece. The creation of the repository was a project that funded and supervised by the Ministry of Tourism, aiming at the collection and analysis of tourism research, conducted from 1980 and onwards. By following a qualitative approach, this study analyzes the challenges and obstacles of developing a digital archive of scientific publications, studies, Ph.D. dissertations and other research data related with tourism in Greece. In particular, it outlines the financial limitations of the project; operational dysfunctions of the online archive; security of the digital content and issues of maintenance, management and technical support of the digital repository in the future. Based on desk review, personal interviews and peer-research working groups, attended by representatives of major tourism institutions, professional organizations and public authorities, the findings of this inquiry indicate that financial and human resources insufficiency, inadequate time frame and lack of promotion, have hindered the success of the project. The paper concludes with specific recommendations for the efficient management and financial sustainability, security of web content and optimal promotion of open access repositories.




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