Key success factors for fan zones (public viewings) covering mega sport events – the case of UEFA EURO 2008 TM in Austria


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key success factors – fan zones – visitor satisfaction - mega sports events – UEFA TM EURO


This article sheds light on results from a quantitative on-site visitor satisfaction survey (n=8,093), a post-event analysis based on a subsequent quantitative analysis (n=25) and five qualitative TM interviews with key decision makers involved in the UEFA EURO 2008 . Based on a dual importance grid analysis, key success factors in organising mega sports events have been identified, particularly with respect to fan zones and public viewings. Comfort in fan zones was identified as an excitement factor for visitors, while pre-match entertainment is often over-estimated by event organisers. Creating a good atmosphere is an important performance factor, while a general level of safety is perceived as a basic factor by event visitors. Furthermore, the paper in hand reveals discrepancies in event perception between different stakeholder groups, such as visitors, event right holders and event organisers. It became evident that the event organisers’ views differ significantly from those of the spectators and that consideration of spectators’ interests is crucial to organising fan zones successfully. In conclusion, experts commented on the results and highlighted the importance of external factors such as general organisation, weather and location of the fan zone.




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Schnitzer, M., & Stickdorn, M. . (2012). Key success factors for fan zones (public viewings) covering mega sport events – the case of UEFA EURO 2008 TM in Austria. European Journal of Tourism Research, 5(1), 19–37.