Exploring theming dimensions in a tourism context


  • Jonas Karlsen Åstrøm PhD student at Centre for Innovation in Services Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences - INN University, Lillehammer; PO Box 400, 2418 Elverum, Norway; Phone: +4795726189. E-mail: jonas.astrom@inn.no


Theming, Theming dimensions, Empirical study


Theming is used to differentiate places and how they are experienced and is thereby a growing phenomenon within tourism and society at large. Although there is an increasing body of research that examines themed environments, there is a lack of empirical studies that explore the concept of theming and its dimensions in a tourism context. This study aims to contribute to the exploration of the concept of theming and its dimensions. Based on this aim, a qualitative study was undertaken. Half-structured interviews with 10 strategically selected key informants in various theming related fields were conducted over the course of one year. The findings reveal 10 dimensions that were significant for theming: (i) authenticity, (ii) chronotope, (iii) cohesion, (iv) digital technology, (v) immersion, (vi) interaction/co-creation, (vii) multisensory, (viii) novelty, (ix) relatability, and (x) storytelling/narrative. The contributions of this study are both theoretical and practical for tourism.




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