Urban tourists' receptivity to ecogamification: A technology, environment, and entertainment-based typology


  • Viviane Da Silva Souza University of Aveiro, Portugal; Email: vivianedessouza@gmail.com https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9645-5103
  • Susana Regina Bacelar de Vasconcelos Marques GOVCOPP, ISCA-University of Aveiro, University of Aveiro, Portugal; Email: susana.vasconcelos@ua.pt




Smart tourism, Ecogamification, Sustainability, Mobility, Transport, Clusters


This research explores the relationship between technology, entertainment, and the environment to understand urban tourists’ receptivity to ecogamified transport and mobility apps. Rather than providing conclusive solutions, this study follows an exploratory approach to establish relevant grounds for tourist clusters regarding their potential receptivity to ecogamification, an area that is still under explored. This study follows a segmentation approach, using a self-administered online questionnaire. The data, stemming from 572 adult respondents who have travelled to urban destinations in the past 3 years, were analysed through a combination of non-hierarchical and hierarchical cluster analyses. The results reveal four clusters of urban tourists with different types of potential receptivity to ecogamification: “Mobi Wholeheartedly”; “Mobi Whatever”; “Mobi Profiter”; and “Mobi Utilitarian”. This study adds to current research by adopting new segmentation approaches and more open assumptions concerning the potential receptivity to (eco)gamification. It also provides fresh evidence regarding tourist receptivity typologies and the existence of differences (and overlaps) among these types of tourists. It explores how that receptivity might occur based on the intersection between technology, entertainment and the environment. It examines the implications of tourist segments in ecogamification strategies, providing overall useful insights to destination management organizations, destination marketers and game designers.




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Souza, V., & Marques, S. (2024). Urban tourists’ receptivity to ecogamification: A technology, environment, and entertainment-based typology. European Journal of Tourism Research, 37, 3707. https://doi.org/10.54055/ejtr.v37i.3300