Factors affecting the green behaviour of hotel managers


  • Erdem BAYDENİZ Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi
  • Nurullah Kart




Employees Green Behavior, Sustainability, SOR Theory, Istanbul


This study aimed to determine the effects of green human resource management, green culture, environmental consciousness, green psychological climate, green behavioural intentions, and employees' green behaviour. The results of this study determine whether age plays a moderating role in the effects of green culture, environmental consciousness, and green psychological climate on green behavioural intentions. The research population comprised hotel managers in Istanbul, Turkey. The research data were collected using non-probability sampling methods, specifically purposeful and criterion sampling, between June 08 and November 25, 2022. The sample comprised 432 participants. The data were analyzed using Smart PLS statistical software, and structural equation modeling was used to interpret the data. According to the research results, green human resource management significantly and positively affects green culture, green psychological climate, and environmental consciousness. Green culture and environmental consciousness significantly positively affected green behavioural intentions, whereas green psychological climate had no significant effect on green behavioural intentions. Green behavioural intentions significantly and positively affect employees' green behaviour. It has been determined that age moderates the effect of a green psychological climate on behavioural intention. Recommendations were developed based on the results of relevant research.




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BAYDENİZ, E., & Kart, N. (2024). Factors affecting the green behaviour of hotel managers. European Journal of Tourism Research, 36, 3611. https://doi.org/10.54055/ejtr.v36i.3189