Tourism contribution to the SDGs: applying a well-being lens


  • Larry Dwyer University of Technology, Sydney. Griffith Institute for Tourism, Griffith University. Email:



tourism industry, UN SDGs, well-being


Human well-being is an essential dimension of sustainable development. This implies that an understanding of well-being outcomes and associated indicators is necessary to determine the success of the global tourism industry in meeting the SDG 2030 Agenda. It is argued that assessment of tourism’s progress toward achievement of the SDGs is incomplete without a full accounting of the outcomes of tourism development on human well-being. In addition to standard indicators of tourism industry performance, a ‘well-being lens’ is proposed comprising indicators that inform tourism stakeholders about changes in resident well-being, promoting sustainable development, and enabling a more comprehensive assessment of tourism’s progress in fulfilling each SDG. The implications of this original proposal for tourism participation in the 2030 SDG agenda are highlighted and discussed.




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Dwyer, L. (2022). Tourism contribution to the SDGs: applying a well-being lens. European Journal of Tourism Research, 32, 3212.