Sustainable authenticity in a World Heritage Site: The Maritime Greenwich example


  • Azizul Hassan Tourism Consultants Network, the Tourism Society, London SE1 0AA, UK; E-mail:
  • Erdogan Ekiz Associate Professor, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, School of Hospitality Business and Management, Morocco. E-mail:


authenticity, technology, modernisation, tourism, Greenwich


The research is based on the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site (MGWHS) UK. UNESCO recognises a place as the World Heritage Site that presents 'Outstanding Universal Value'. This site is identified as a relevant case and suitable for necessary data collection by using face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions and personal observation. The objective of this study is to understand the requisite of technology application for modernisation in the WHS perspective that has authenticity and historical significance. Results outline that, authenticity and technology application can stay parallel to each other; these two aspects are fundamental to a WHS, when tourism is concerned. Thus, the research suggests that are very little scopes exist to ignore significance of both authenticity and technology adoption for modernisation. Also, due to set guidelines of the UNESCO WHS, an amiable standpoint of all these aspects is a possibility.




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