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Cultural tourism and quality of life: Results of a longitudinal study
Amanda K. Cecil1, Yao-Yi Fu1, Suosheng Wang1, Sotiris Avgoustis1*
Received: 14/09/2009 Accepted: 31/01/2010
1Department of Tourism, Convention and Event Management, Indiana University, Indianapolis.
*Corresponding author e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Cultural tourism development is considered a viable channel to attract tourists to a destination and to enhance residents’ overall quality of life (QOL). Since the early 2000’s, Indianapolis, Indiana has dedicated considerable public and private investment into developing and promoting cultural attractions, festivals, educational events, and other offerings. This research reports the findings of a five-year study, from 2004-2008, to monitor patterns and changes in residents’ quality of life (QOL) measurement and perceptions of cultural tourism. The results indicate that there are not significant increases in QOL ratings of Indianapolis residents, as it relates to cultural tourism development. However, the series of studies yield interesting conclusions that have practical implications for municipality and tourism leaders who continually evaluate the city’s cultural tourism initiatives.
European Journal of Тourism Research