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Volunteer Tourism:
Motivations of Thai Tourists and Western Tourists

Raweewan Proyrungroj1*

1Sol International Hotel Management (SIHOM) Department, Sol International School, Woosong University, 171 Dongdaejeon-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, 34606, Korea; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
*Corresponding author
This study examines the motivations of Thai tourists and Western tourists in engaging in a volunteer tourism vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, and analyses how and why the motivations of each group are similar to or different from each other. An interpretive paradigm utilising a qualitative methodological approach was employed. The informants consisted of fourteen Thai tourists and fifteen Western tourists, all of which were selected by convenient sampling and snowball sampling. The findings revealed that there were some common motivations between these tourists including: (i) to gain new experiences; (ii) personal development and growth; and (iii) personal interest in certain volunteer activities. However, it was also found that there were differences in motivations between these groups, including: (i) to gain inner happiness; (ii) to help others; (iii) to learn/be immersed in local culture in a deeper way; (iv) to meet new friends; and (v) to visit Bangkok and Thailand. The first motivation was found only in the group of Thai tourists whereas the rest belonged to only the Western tourists.
Keywords: volunteer tourism, motivations, Thai tourists, Western Tourists
CitationProyrungroj, R. (2020). Volunteer Tourism: Motivations of Thai Tourists and Western Tourists. European Journal of Tourism Research 24, 2408.
European Journal of Тourism Research