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The first chatbot of a tourism/hospitality journal:
Editor’s impressions

Received: 14/03/2019 Accepted: 19/06/2019
1Professor and Vice Rector (Research), Varna University of Management, 13A Oborishte str., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria. Editor-in-chief, European Journal of Tourism Research. Tel: +359 52 300 680. Web: http://www.stanislavivanov.com; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
*Corresponding author
The first chatbot of an academic journal in the field of tourism and hospitality was launched in 2017. This editorial presents the structure of the chatbot of the European Journal of Tourism Research, reflects on Editor’s experience in developing and using the chatbot, and provides practical recommendations to editors and publishers who may wish to adopt chatbots for social media communications.
Keywords: chatbot, social media, communications with authors, academic journal
CitationIvanov, S. (2020). The first chatbot of a tourism/hospitality journal: Editor’s impressions. European Journal of Tourism Research 24, 2401
European Journal of Тourism Research