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Souvenir shopping satisfaction: antecedents and consequences


Mario Castellanos-Verdugo1 , M. Ángeles Oviedo-Garcia2*
and Manuela Vega-Vázquez3

Received: 01/09/2016 Accepted: 21/12/2016


*Corresponding author



Souvenirs function as mementos and are palpable evidence of a journey. The souvenir is certainly a key element of the destination experience of tourists. In this study, we analyze shopping value as an antecedent of tourist souvenir-shopping satisfaction, the consequences of which are positive word of mouth and overall tourist satisfaction. Using Partial Least Squares, a variance-based structural equation modeling technique for data analysis, we arrive at results that show a positive and significant relationship between tourist souvenir shopping satisfaction and both positive word of mouth and overall tourist satisfaction. Moreover, the results also suggest that it is shopping value above all through its hedonic dimension that heightens tourist shopping satisfaction. The study provides useful insights into business strategy for souvenir retailers and its results may serve to guide the tourism planning and promotion activities of destination marketing organizations.


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Keywords:  souvenir; tourist satisfaction; shopping value; positive word of mouth; tourist shopping satisfaction.

Citation: Castellanos-Verdugo, M., M. Oviedo-Garcia, M. Vega-Vázquez (2017) Souvenir shopping satisfaction: antecedents and consequences. European Journal of Tourism Research 17 pp.191-205

European Journal of Тourism Research