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How do education and training policies determine customer
satisfaction and hotels’ performance?


Theodoros Stavrinoudis1* and Moschos Psimoulis2

Received: 07/09/2016 Accepted: 27/02/2017


1Assistant Professor “Tourism Management”, University of the Aegean, Department of Business Administration, 8 Michalon str., 82100 Chios, Greece; tel.: 0030 6938799541; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2University of the Aegean, Department of Business Administration
*Corresponding author



The purpose of this manuscript is to investigate the effect of education and training policies, applicable to hotel employees, on customer satisfaction, HRM performance and perceived financial performance. Based on an extensive literature review, the authors conducted a primary research, using a structured questionnaire which was distributed to the HR managers of hotels. The research proved the positive correlation between education- training policies and customer satisfaction, partially by strengthening the loyalty of HR. The adoption of appropriate educational methods significantly enhances the HRM performance and improves the overall economic performance of hotels. The prerequisite for the successful implementation of education- training policies are the effective training needs analysis and the formulation of appropriate training objectives. The manuscript contributes to the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the importance of education and training policies in the hospitality industry by reaching scientific conclusions and making recommendations to the hotel managers. It can also work as a basis for future research which will focus on connecting business strategies with education- training policies.


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Keywords:  education and training policies, customer satisfaction, HRM performance, financial performance, employees, hotels, Greece.

Citation: Stavrinoudis, T., M. Psimoulis (2017) How do education and training policies determine customer satisfaction and hotels’ performance? European Journal of Tourism Research 17 pp. 177-190

European Journal of Тourism Research