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An insight into cultural heritage management of tourism


Fabio Carbone1 , 2 , 3 *


Received: 09/04/2015 Accepted: 07/02/2016


1Faculty of Business and Law – School of Marketing and Management, Coventry University, UK
3 "CGEO - Geosciences Center", University of Coimbra, Portugal
*Corresponding author



In this time of global changes, culture is considered the fourth pillar of sustainability, and intercultural dialogue and understanding is an increasingly important issue. Within this context, the preservation, management and cultural heritage enhancement is more than ever at the centre of international
debates, as well as its alliance with tourism. Supranational guidelines address the effort of policymakers and operators, but how to guarantee the effective implementation of supranational guidelines at local level and for each monument and cultural area open to the public? In this context, Cultural Heritage Quality Management is an emerging topic, and this article aims to provide a milestone in its study by offering a detailed theoretical overview as a starting point for future empirical research in this area.


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Keywords: Cultural Heritage; Cultural Heritage Quality Management; Tourism; Sustainable Development.
Citation: Carbone F. (2016) An insight into cultural heritage management of tourism destinations. European Journal of Tourism Research 14, pp. 75-91


European Journal of Тourism Research