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Differences between short and long break tourists in urban
destinations: the case of Barcelona


Jorge Moll-de-Alba1* , Lluís Prats1 and Lluís Coromina1


Received: 21/11/2015 Accepted: 13/05/2016


1University of Girona, Facultat de Turisme, Pl. Josep Ferrater i Móra, 1, 17071 Girona, Spain
*Corresponding author; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Short break trips in urban destinations are clearly increasing, and this fact has implications for destinations linked to the different length of stay segments. Thus, this paper analyses the duration of the stay in relation to motivation, satisfaction, image, repetition and recommendation of leisure tourists in an urban destination. The main contribution of this article is to highlight the differences and similarities between the behaviours of short and long breakers for the constructs mentioned, not developed until now. The theoretical model is validated using a structural equation modelling methodology. The sample size is 10,953 tourists visiting the city of Barcelona, relevant for its increasing tourism appeal. Results confirm that differences and similarities are found for those
tourist segments. By way of example it is worth mentioning that the repeat visits have a negative effect on tourists’ recommendation, in particular in the case of long break as compared with short break tourists.


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Keywords: length of stay, motivation, satisfaction, image, repeat visits, recommendation
Citation: Moll-de-Alba J., L. Prats and L. Coromina (2016) Differences between short and long break tourists in urban destinations: the case of Barcelona. European Journal of Tourism Research 14, pp. 29-46


European Journal of Тourism Research