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Car use in ski resort: the moderating role of perceived lack of


Jean-Luc Giannelloni1 and Elisabeth Robinot2*


Received: 14/01/2015 Accepted: 07/05/2015


1Professor of Marketing, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CERAG, UMR 5820, France
2Professor of Marketing, ESG- UQAM, 315 rue Ste-Catherine E, Montreal QC, H2X 3X2, IREGE, EA 2426,
Canada; tel: + 1 514 842 0266; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2* Corresponding author



Fifty-seven percent of greenhouse gases produced by ski resorts are due to the transport of tourists to the resorts. More than eighty percent of them travel by car. Reduced car use to and around ski resorts is therefore a major objective for public policy. The Theory of Planned Behavior is used to identify the determinants of reduced car use during a tourist’s stay in a ski resort. The moderating role of perceived lack of facilities also is tested. A field study (n = 485 tourists) shows that perceived behavioral control is the only significant determinant of reduced car use. Perceived lack of facilities moderates the influence of attitude and of subjective norms on this behavior.


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Keywords:  Car use, Sustainable tourism, Theory of planned behavior, Perceived lack of facilities, Structural Equation Modeling, Multigroup analysis

Citation: Giannelloni, J., E. Robinot (2015) Car use in ski resort: the moderating role of perceived lack of facilities. European Journal of Tourism Research 11, pp. 5-20


European Journal of Тourism Research